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Wood Floor Fitting Types


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Wood Floor Fitting

Tongue & Groove

Wood floor fitting options can vary from project to project, depending on many factors. This is why I always recommend an expert to supply & fit. Now you have decided to have wooden flooring in your home its important to consider the structure choice. The traditional method for wood floor fitting is tongue and groove. This profile type is available with a square or micro bevel edge on the surface. This construction can be glued, nailed, or floated depending on your subfloor, making it flexible and often the most chosen option. We stock mainly tongue and grove at our shop for this reason. If a click system is required then we can source it. As you can tell by the image it has a male and female part, that once locked in and after the Engineered wood flooring or solid wood flooring is fixed to the subfloor it is solid under foot and there to stay.

Click Fit

Click fit structure is a way of connecting the boards with a cleverly engineered locking system, that when the wood floor fitting is done correctly will require no glue or nails. Just a decent underlay and the subfloor MUST be within level tolerances. Or large movement underfoot will occur. This wood floor fitting option is often cheaper than Tongue and groove as mentioned earlier requires no adhesive or nails. This system is also considered to be quicker to install, something to consider on larger time sensitive projects. You will only find engineered wood flooring to have a click system. Solid wood floors will always be tongue and groove. Another thing to consider with click system wood floors is that they are harder to restore, as when floor sanding its more difficult if the floor isn’t fixed securely to the subfloor.

Parquet Block

Parquet block has a square edged surface and must always be glued directly to the sub floor. Arguably the most difficult wood floor fitting tpye. The parquet has a slight angled locking shape to it, enough to hold it in place with its neighbours but not too much so that it is hard to install. Many pattern varieties can be created, the most common option being oak Herringbone. As engineering technology has come along, many parquet blocks now have a smaller tongue and groove, however you will find the image above is very common on older reclaimed wooden floors.

Regardless of which wood floor fitting method you go for, always consider hiring a professional.