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Benifits Of Unfinished Wooden Flooring


Why would I choose unfinished wooden flooring over a pre finished product?

Put simply you should mostly go for a pre finished flooring product where possible, they are perfectly finished and easy to install. There are however a few reasons why you might be tempted to choose unfinished wooden flooring.
1) if you are installing wooden flooring on a building site, with many other trades around that are stepping all over your floor as your trying to install it. Or you are aware other trades will need access to the room after you have finished and you want to sand and finish it when all the work in the room/ house has been completed. 
2) you can’t find a colour you like anywhere! There is a world of choice out there but sometimes it’s not enough and you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, then having a blank canvas is a really good idea. You can have unfinished wooden flooring installed and coloured with many oils that can be mixed until you find what you’re looking for. 
3) You are having herringbone flooring with boarders and pattens. When installing herringbone flooring with block boarders, it’s necessary to install unfinished blocks that are glued directly the the subfloor. This allows blocks to be inserted next to each other in pattens & styles that can then later be sanded and finished in place once the adhesive has dried. 


Is it cheaper than pre finished wood?

Unfinished wooden flooring is slightly cheaper than pre finished, not as much as you would expect. Perhaps £4/£5 cheaper compared to a pre finished option. As with all wooden flooring, the price depends heavily on what grade of wood you choose, the thickens, & the width. 
Final thought, Another thing to remember is even with the most professional floor sanding companies out there such as 4 seasons wood flooring, it still is dependant on human performance, we are human and we make mistakes and can mis slight imperfections when finishing a wooden floor. A pre finished floor is perfect! Produced in a factory by machines that cost more than our houses. Food for thought. 
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