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Engineered Walnut 18/4mm x 150mm x RL

Walnut Hardwood flooring is difficult to demolish for indigenous delightfulness. It is the just instinctively happening “dull” hardwood that develops in North America.

Engineered Walnut wood stuns have a truly dissimilar shade with max differentiate amidst the almost white sapwood from the outside of the tree to the dim chocolate tan with a slight purple tinge of the heartwood. Higher grades ordinarily have a more extensive rate of heartwood and less of the white sapwood.
The grain of Engineered Walnut wood floors is predominately straight, with intermittent husky plans if the wood has been decreased near an appendage. Indeed, it is the husky grain plans that give a walnut wood stun its intriguing manifestation and client claim.

Product specification

  • Product code: 4SFWE001
  • Pack size: 1.89m2
  • Dimensions: 18/4mm x 150mm x RL, 4mm Walnut wear layer / Multi ply base
  • Species: Walnut
  • Floor Type: Lacquered
  • Style: Engineered
  • Range: 14-20mm Walnut Engineered
  • Colour: Dark (also available in Golden)
  • Installation Type: T&G
  • Warranty: 25 years

Price per m2