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Wood Floor Finishes Explained

Hardwood flooring
Hardwood flooring

Hardwood Flooring Finishes

Hardwood flooring finish that you choose is extremely important depending on how you want your wood floor to look and feel. A Hardwood flooring finish can also alter the texture of the surface. All wooden floors must have a finish added. This is to protect the hardwood flooring from damage and provide additional layers of strength. Most hardwood flooring is already pre-finished, this means that the floor has already had the finish added during the manufacturing process.  Or you could choose an unfinished wooden floor and must apply a finish once it has been installed. Here are some of the different Hardwood flooring finishes available:


This finish can be found with either a matt, satin, silk or gloss finish. It is smooth to the touch and makes cleaning the floor easy. Scratching can be a little more evident but if the correct care is taken then this can be mostly avoided. The lacquer adds additional strength and protection to the hardwood whilst maintaining its natural character and charm.


An oiled finish gives a more natural appearance. This is a penetrating type, which means it creates a protective layer on the surface and penetrates the wood’s structure to ensure durability and hard-wearing power from within.

Scratches are less evident, and cleaning is simple, but we still recommend following the manufacturers guideline on care and maintenance.

Brushed & Oiled 

The same qualities as the oiled option with the added extra of a wire brushed effect applied, exposing more of the natural qualities and charm of the Hardwood flooring.

Finished with layers of oil to protect it from daily wear and tear, providing a natural and traditional looking matt finish to the Hardwood flooring.

UV Oiled 

A UV oiled finish means that the oil has been cured with an ultra violet light, using more oil, making it a stronger surface finish than a natural oil finish adding character and charm to the Hardwood flooring grain pattern.

UV Lacquered 

UV lacquer is a hard-wearing layer that sits on top of wood surface and acts as a protective layer. In contrast to UV oil, it does not penetrate the wood, instead, it bonds to the top surface of the wood.

Hand Scraped 

The surface of the hardwood flooring has been scraped, by hand, to add extra definition and uniqueness then protected with layers of oils or lacquer. 


A distressed wooden floor has been intentionally aged by giving it a distressed and worn appearance. To do this, slight imperfections are added to the surface of the floor to enhance its charm and charisma.  The flooring is then protected with layers of oil. 

Un-Finished Hardwood Flooring

An unfinished hardwood floor is simply a raw material. The wood is made into the planks of flooring, it has not gone through the finishing process of having a stain or protective layer of oil or lacquer.

Choosing an unfinished floor is perfect if you are looking to create a unique floor by adding your choice of colour and protective top layers.


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