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Floor Sanding. To Sand or not to Sand, that is the question!

When should I have Floor My Floors Sanded?

Floor Sanding is the main benefit to having wooden floors, as when they become worn and beyond the repair of a simple clean and polish, that you can have a Floor Sanding company in to rejuvenate the wood floors. There are three main reasons as to why your floor may need sanding; also check out our Floor Sanding page for more images of before/ after examples and you may recognise the state of your Wooden flooring from that. 
1) high traffic areas have worn through a path that can’t be blended with other less worn areas.
2) deep scratches, marks, dents or spillages. Polishes are great at hiding sins but that is all they do, hide them! Having your floor sanding completed will remove these imperfections.
3) dirt has been worn into the grain of the wood, giving a discoloured effect or UV light has taken a tole on the finish and caused discolouration. 
4) you have experienced some expansion issues. I.e you have had a leak and this has caused the wood flooring to expand and resulted in crowning or cupping of the boards. Rather than replace the wooden flooring, it is possible, if done correctly to level the floor and bring all the joints flat. 
If you have any of these issues then please contact us before the problem gets worse. 

How long will the floors last after Floor Sanding? 

When a wooden floor is sanded and restored properly it I’ll last a minimum of 10 years, this obviously depends on a few factors such as. Which finish you have chosen (lacquer or oil) if you have kids and dogs? If you clean and maintains the floor regularly. Generally speaking however, your investment on having your floor sanding done will last in many years and increase the ease of daily maintenance. As all lacquers and oils now are designed with low maintenance intended. 


I would, but its so dusty and loud and takes ages!.. WRONG! 

All machinery we use is dust controlled, so although it’s unfair to say it’s 100% dust free as floor sanding will always inherently be a dusty job, it’s far far less than you would think. We strive to leave the house in a cleaner state that when we found it.  The ‘dust free’ part of our advertising refers to the fact that no dust is produced by our machines. As for the time factor a standard 15sqm room is able to be sanded and finished in one day. As long as no extras are needed, (colouring, repairs etc) noisy, sure but I’m still able to have a conversation with someone over a sanding machine/ all be it shouting! A lot of our clients are able to work from home upstairs whilst the floor sanding is going on. 


How expensive is it to have my wood floors restored?

Not as much as you think, we pride ourselves on saying that we cost less than a good value carpet install. It’s hard to compete with cheap carpet after all. Besides the fact that when you have your floor sanding you are recycling what you already have, so no need for further materials to be made and thrown out. Restoration of something in place will always be more cost effective than a new installation. Especially if you stick to a basic specification of a natural finish, the more extras you add on obviously the more expensive floor sanding will become. 
In summery, if you have a old wooden floor and a deep clean won’t be enough, so your considering options such as new flooring or overlaying with a laminate (god forbid) then please contact us for a obligation free quote. 
Floor Sanding
Floor sanding