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Engineered wood flooring colours


Engineered wood flooring, which colour to choose?

Engineered wood flooring comes in many different shapes, styles, sizes and designes. However I believe after many years experience that to stop the whole decision making from becoming too complicated and overwhelming, that the most sensible decision is to decide on your wooden flooring firstly based on colour. What colour wood flooring do you want? then we can decide on styles, finishes and patterns. 

The most obvious question is what do you currently have in your home/ or room that you’re planning on having wooden flooring in? if you have a light/white/bright room then you can get away with any colour, but medium/dark floors add a lovely contrast. If you room has a coloured theme walls then perhaps a natural simple oak colour is best. Honestly no one ever regrets getting natural oak, you can choose different shades of oak and look at walnuts etc but its hard to beat a classic.

In our last blog we spoke about the right style for your room, i.e if its a small room then don’t choose herringbone for example as can give the over crowded feel, I would suggest the same with colour, if its a smaller room with no a Lot of natural light then definitely would suggest going for a light floor. You may have a large room with lots of natural light, in which case a darker floor would suit. The age of your home is something to consider, if you have a 16th century cottage then perhaps a classic light oak plank wouldn’t work but an antique oiled oak certainly wood. 

Made a wrong decision? so it goes without saying but I would be horrible to have had your Engineered wood floor installed and then decorated your room and find it doesn’t work and you don’t like it, however not all is lost!The joy off course with wooden flooring is it can be sanded, although this will be a further cost incurred, you are able to sand it a re colour the wood flooring again. Name another flooring product you can do that with? … 

All modern engineered wood floors now come with a UV produced lacquer or oil protecting them from the suns rays, so as not to get discolouration of the boards and end up with a rug shaped square in the middle of your room after a few years. 

So our range of colours vary from a light raw oak, pictured below  through to medium colours such as antique oak and dark colours like walnut. needless to say we will have something to suite your style and that you will be happy with for many years. 

Engineered wood flooring colours

Wooden Flooring
Engineered oak flooring antique oak
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Raw oak

Antique Oak